Zyppah review

Zyppah Review: Is it the Best for your Snoring Problems?

Snoring is a problem that is very common, but fixing it can be complicated and costly. The surest fix is to have surgery done to correct misalignments in the jaw or whatever is causing the snoring. Or you can go with home remedies, which may not be effective and can be uncomfortable. Additionally, some people just adjust the way they sleep or use sleeping aids that can correct the problem sometimes.

The Zyppah RX is one of the newest in a long line of anti-snoring devices. It seeks to eliminate snoring without the need for uncomfortable applications or expensive surgery. While most people who snore want to find a quick and easy solution, not every product that has promised just that has been able to deliver. We’re going to look at the Zyppah Rx in depth to see if it really is worth your money.

The Design

This device is designed like a mouthpiece or mouth guard, similar to what you would use in sports to protect your teeth from damage during play. If you have used those before, you know they can be uncomfortable. That’s because they are designed as a one-size-fits-all device. They aren’t exactly molded for your teeth to be a perfect fit.

Many anti-snoring devices run into the same problem. They may stop your snoring, but they end up not fitting very well and causing as many problems as they fix. This could mean they slip out of your mouth, create discomfort or soreness or don’t correct the problem of snoring at all. The Zyppah Rx seeks to circumvent this common issue by using a method called the “boil and fit”. What this means is that you boil the device by soaking it in very hot water then place it on your teeth while it is still hot. There are parts of the device that are like elastic and will conform to your teeth once they are heated. That way, once you put it into your mouth and it settles, it should provide a comfortable fit after every sequential use.

It also has a tongue depressor that is supposed to keep your tongue out of the way and prevent the gag reflex. This is an attempt to fix the problem many similar devices have where they force the tongue into uncomfortable positions that make the wearer feel like they need to gag.


Now all the design ideas for the Zyppah Rx are great in theory, but in practice, they don’t quite measure up to the promises. The Zyppah Rx is supposed to conform to your teeth and become malleable enough during the boil stage that it offers a perfect fit. But not all parts of the device actually change to fit. Some of them stay rigid and will not change, which can make for an uncomfortable experience for some users. Now some people are going to get a great fit out of this because it works with their teeth and the size of their jaw. Others, however, are going to have an awful time with it and end up feeling uncomfortable or having the device fall out of their mouth while they sleep.

The tongue depressor is another aspect that is great in theory, but once again, not every size works for everyone. Some people have complained that it does, in fact, make them gag, while others complained that the depressor was too low to their jaw and made their tongue feel raw the next day. Others said it worked perfectly for them, providing an excellent fit and great comfort, so there is no consensus on the matter.

Does Zyppah Work?

The real question is will this device stop you from snoring. The answer is “yes”, but you have to realize that it may cause just as many problems at is solves. The great thing about the Zyppah Rx is that it gets rid of the snoring right away. All that takes is to move your jaw forward slightly, and it is designed to do that for anybody. But you also have to deal with issues of discomfort, the device falling out while you sleep and side effects related to an imperfect fit.

So the Zyppah Rx does what it says it will, but it doesn’t quite do it the way it promises. Yu will want to temper your expectations if you are looking for an at-home snoring solution.

The Cost

There are two different payment options offered for this anti-snoring device. The first lets you pay for everything up front at a cost of $89.95. The shipping is free with this method, but if you don’t like it, you may still be stuck with it.

The other method lets you order it on a trial basis. You pay $9.95 for shipping and handling then make two payments of $39.95. You can try it for 30 days after only paying the shipping costs. The cost of shipping will be refunded if you decide to return it. This should be plenty of time to make an informed decision about whether or not this is right for you.

Zyppah Review: The Final Verdict

Our tests and research showed that the Zyppah Rx could be very effective, but only for some people. If you don’t have the right size jaw, then you won’t get much benefit from it, just a sore mouth and a poor fit. You still get to be snore free, but that may be too high a price to pay.

What we suggest is that anyone who wants to give this a shot try out the 30-day trial. You get to see if the Zyppah Rx will work for you, and you don’t have to put a lot of money into it to find out.

If it doesn’t work for you, there are other options. Some of them may be more expensive than what Zyppah Rx is charging, but it definitely isn’t worth the hassle and discomfort that you would endure with this product.

Essentially, you will want to try before you buy.

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